12 Breakfast For Dinner Back to School Recipes Kids will Go Gaga For

Yes, sadly it’s September 2nd and it’s back to the old school grind; early to rise, no more leisurely morning breakfasts–my daughter bolting out of bed at the crack of 6am- she sets her alarm every night- and wakes me up! I know it’s supposed to be the other way around- but really I am NOT a morning person.  So if like me you’re more upset about the kids going back to school because that means you’ve got to get back into a morning routine- I feel your pain!

Check out 12 Breakfast For Dinner Back to School Dishes

by Melissa Chapman at Foodie.com

The only bright spot I can find in this whole back to school routine is that each night- we MUST engage in our once-a-day mandatory eat dinner together as  a family so we can catch up on the day’s events and SPILL all the good, bad and ugly (for me that dinner is a block of time I look forward to all day long.) Of course my kids are not as enthusiastic as I am about these family dinners- that is- UNLESS I’m serving Breakfast for Dinner!

 Avo and Egg Breakfast Pizza

Because there is nothing tastier than a sweet treat, and no easier way to get kids in a relaxed and happy-go-lucky-I-feel-like-talking-mood than a plate of Pancakes loaded with chocolate chips.  That’s right- there is no shame in my parenting game- I’ will use every trick in the book to get my kids talking and interacting with me. And keep reading for 12 Breakfast for Dinner dishes I’ve curated for your quick reference that can be a great substitute for  a school night dinner that could use an extra injection of fun! read more »

Straight Talk on Straight Teeth: Getting the Facts About Invisalign for Teens

I always wanted braces– or at least I was intrigued by the thought of them. Unfortunately my pediatric dentist put the kibosh on that pipe dream and reassured  my parents that despite the fact that my bottom teeth were indeed very crowded they were OKAY. In other words, I could live with them and it was probably not worth their money to visit an orthodontist. Oh how I regret their decision, because apparently, at 41 -years-old my current DDS asked me point blank, why I never had braces and if, as an adult, I’d be interested in trying Invisalign.  So of course- regardless of what any dentist tells me about my son- I know he will be seeing an Invisalign Doctor  JUST in case.

My nine year old son will be getting an Invaslign Consult and I'm positively GIDDY!

Honestly I wish my parents had the option of taking me to an Invisalign Doctor  me as a kid- because as a parent if you have the ability to get your kid’s teeth in order before they reach 18– … why not?!  I know what you’re thinking– if my dentist suggests braces  in regards to my son then why should I invest in a consult with an Invisalign specialist- and here’s my pitch. Invisalign Teen is just as effective as traditional wire and bracket braces and can correct the most common teeth straitening issues — from severe cases to more minor, cosmetic adjustments.

My nine year old son will be getting an Invaslign Consult and I'm positively GIDDY!

And here is all the information YOU NEED to take that first step!

Check out the Invisalign Doctor Locator: Not all orthodontists specialize in Invisalign Teen. Visit www.invisalign.com and select “find a doctor” to locate experienced Invisalign and Invisalign Teen doctors in your area.

Take an Invisalign Smile Assessment: Invisalign Teen clear aligners are removable and can straighten teeth without a mouth full of metal and all the disruption and sacrifice that comes with it. With Invisalign, teens look better and feel more confident than they ever could in traditional braces. Take the Invisalign Smile Assessment to find out if Invisalign is right for you or your child.

Take a look at the  Cost Calculator: Invisalign Teen is covered by most dental insurance policies just like traditional braces — up to 50% of the cost may be covered by insurance.

Check out How Invisalign Works: Invisalign Teen clear aligners straighten teeth without traditional wires and brackets giving teens the confidence to live life to the fullest while improving their smile.

Still have  Questions?  your doctor can fill you in !   And keep reading for  more factoids and set the record STRAIGHT– and get down to the real truth between Invisalign Myths/Setting It Straight read more »

Boost up For Back to School with our Graco AFFIX Highback Booster with Latch System ($79.99) GIVEAWAY!

Even the most exhaustive school supply list may be missing an item that will give “big kids” an extra safety boost this school year – a booster seat. These often-overlooked school supplies should be a car pool staple as children seated in booster seats are 45 percent less likely to be injured in a car crash, according to Safe Kids Worldwide.

Win The Graco AFFIX Highback Booster with Latch System ($79) per month

The Graco AFFIX Highback Booster with Latch System ($79.99 at Babies R Us stores) helps safely transport children who have outgrown car seats but are not quite ready for a seatbelt alone – from 30 to 100lbs and up to 57 inches tall. A secure connection keeps the booster seat in place and allows children to self-buckle when they’re ready, aiding in their growing independence.

Watch this video below for more information on product features and benefits:

And keep reading for how you can win our Graco AFFIX Highback Booster with Latch System ($79.99) GIVEAWAY!

FFIXTM Highback Booster Seat With LATCH System Helps safely transport “big kids” from 3 – 10 years old and 30 – 100 lbs. and features new one-hand front adjust LATCH system

Some of its Key Features include:

• New one-hand front adjust LATCH system to quickly and easily secure the booster seat to the vehicle seat
• A secure connection booster to keep seat properly in place and steady for easy self-buckling for your independent child
• Multi-layer head rest for added comfort that is also fully-adjustable to keep your growing child secure
• Also includes integrated cup holder and hide away storage compartment – for your child’s favorite things

So who it is Recommended for?
• For children 3-10 years old, from 30-100 lbs. and 38” – 57” tall
• For children 4 – 10 years old, from 40 – 100 lbs. and 40” – 57”, as backless booster

Note: The AAP recommends children remain in a booster until they are at least 4’9”
Additional features include:

  • Unique one-hand front-adjust latch system that allows parents to quickly and easily tighten the booster to the vehicle seat
  • Side Impact Tested (in high back booster mode)
  • Easily converts to backless booster for years of use
  • Integrated cup holder and hide-away storage compartment

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Teen Fashion: 4 Back to School Outfits for Eighth Grade Girls

It is truly GUT wrenching for me to even wrap my head around the fact that my daughter is 13, and she is entering her very last year of elementary school. After this year- she will be a full fledged high school student and with that- comes a myriad of new concerns and fears ( on my part!). Of course the crazy thing about parenthood is that we essentially have these kids of ours on loan for a finite number of years and even then- they are not ours.

The quintessential casual girly outfit


They are, as I’ve come to realize, their own very individual people and my daughter has as if OVER NIGHT become a bit of a fashionista. She has this very strong sense of who she is, and her fashion aesthetic kind of blows me away. her ability to put together different textures, colors and prints and make them work for her ( when I her mama have no innate sense of what to wear on any given day and just sort of stick with the pieces that are basic) she has found her unique voice through her fashion choices. And so without further ado- here are four outfits, for back-to-school Fall 2014 styled by Madison. read more »

Celebrate Grandparent’s day with this (TOTALLY NOT BORING) Hands-on Family History Project

Since 1978, the first Sunday after Labor Day has been officially designated as Grandparents Day. More than a reason to sell greeting cards, this annual event recognizes the strength, love and guidance grandparents provide to families. Although the recognized date is September 7th this year, any day is a great opportunity to celebrate grandparents. For some background on  Grandparents Day, check out this link to learn about the woman who started Grandparents Day, Marian McQuade, a West Virginia mother of 15 and grandmother to 40 children!

Celebrate Grandparent's day with this (TOTALLY NOT BORING) Hands-on Family History Project

Our children can learn so much simply by spending time talking with their grandparents and comparing their life stories. To start the process, Kiddie Academy has developed a free downloadable Family History project  that includes both a family tree and a list of questions for children to ask grandparents. read more »