Got Kids Begging you for a DOG? Volunteer at a RESCUE and get them a Barbie and Potty Training Taffy doll Set! WIN ONE from us!


Friends often comment on your immaculate home. Your secret? You’re hardly ever around. Which is why, despite your druthers, you can’t own a dog. Of course, your kids would love to see a furry little face when they walk in, but you know the ONLY one that pooch will be looking to -to take him on his walks  and feed him- is you.  How to avoid the doghouse with your kids who are begging and pleading for a pooch? My Number #1  piece of advice HEAD to a dog rescue on the weekend and offer to have your kids help out in any way they can- whether it cleaning poop. cages or hauling supplies. let them see that So if you want to get your kids prepped- and see JUST how much responsibility they are willing to take on. If you live on Staten Island get in touch with Louie’s Legacy and if you live anywhere else in the country START with The ASPCA.

Win a Barbie and Potty Training Taffy Set of Dolls!

My #2 piece of advice. Get your kids a PRACTICE dog doll. One of my very favorite ones is the Barbie Potty Training Taffy! set and we are giving one away to a lucky reader! Keep reading for all the deets! read more »

Need Mother’s Day Gifts with WOW Factor? Shop my #eBayMom collections for Fabulous Handbags and Jewelry and Curate your own and win $500


How can one quantify the immeasurable ways one’s mother has impacted their very soul? The way their mother has shaped their values, their sense of self and has essentially helped to nurture their being into the fully aware adult they become?

Need Mother's Day Gifts with WOW Factor? Shop my #eBayMom collections for Fabulous Handbags and Jewelry

There are simply not enough words or ways to express the debt of gratitude I have to my mother-not just for the actual act of BIRTHING ME ( which was a feat onto itself since a week before I was due I decided I wanted to make my entrance via a C-section and 40 years ago I ravaged my poor mother’s taut belly which was never the same) but for everything she has done to give me 40 years of wonderful.

Need Mother's Day Gifts with WOW Factor? Shop my #eBayMom collections for Fabulous Handbags and Jewelry

But more than the act of giving birth to me and fulfilling my basic needs my mom inspired me in many ways both big and small. She’s been my tastemaker– and through her I’ve come  to love and appreciate a great piece of artwork, to revel in all things vintage and most importantly she shared her love of blingy jewels and handbags with me and has always stressed QUALITY over quantity!

Need Mother's Day Gifts with WOW Factor? Shop my #eBayMom collections for Fabulous Handbags and Jewelry

Which is why I am excited to share two of my ebaymom collections  which I’ve created straight from their Mother’s Day gift guide  ( and which you can shop as well! ) Keep reading for my deets on my Handbag collection finds and all about their Mother’s day sweepstakes!

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Join our #ToMOM Twitter Party with ThinOptics to Chat all things Mother’s Day and win one of four $45 AMAZON GIFT CARDS!


Mother’s day is getting close, and we are co-hosting a twitter party with our friends at ThinOptics to celebrate!  On April 17 at 9 PM EST  @ThinOptics and @melissaSchapman will gather on Twitter around the hashtag #ToMOM to chat and share our love letters to the moms in our lives. And to talk about the best gifts we can give them. Let me set the scene for you…

Join our #ToMOM Twitter Party with ThinOptics to Chat all things Mother's Day And Win Prizes!

When was the last time your Mom sent you a crazy text message because she really couldn’t read her phone and she couldn’t find her glasses? Does she keep telling you things like “all the restaurants these days are too dark!” and “Why is the print getting smaller on everything?” We’ve all been there haven’t we?

How CUTE are these two moms rocking their ThinOptics redaing glasses??

How CUTE are these two moms rocking their ThinOptics reading glasses??

And that’s where  ThinOptics can come to the rescue- and this year be the BEST MOTHER’S Day Gift you give the mom in your life who needs reading glasses that she can actually find, aka readers that are ALWAYS with her since they are ATTACHED to her smartphone case! Keep reading for more information about a SPECIAL MOTHER’S Day offer from ThinOptics and all about our TWITTER Party!

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Kitchen Adventures with Kids: FairyTale Food Recipes They’ll go Gaga for!

One of the best ways to get your kids  to become more adventurous when it comes to food and make to healthier choices  and expand their palette is by letting them experience the process of cooking. Providing kids with the opportunity to choose an ingredient they don’t recognize and then learn how to cook it is also a great way to CONVINCE THEM TO EAT IT!. And one book that can encourage Kitchen Adventures with your kids which is brimming with magical illustrations of cakes, puddings, savories, main dishes, soups and more, is *Fairytale Food*. 

Kitchen Adventures with Kids: FairyTale Food Recipes They'll go Gaga for!

Fairytale Food: Enchanting Recipes to Bring a Little Magic to Your Cookingdraws on inspiration from timeless classics like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel, Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan among many others to provide culinary enthusiasts with a wide selection of delicious, easy-to-follow recipes.

Kitchen Adventures with Kids: FairyTale Food Recipes They'll go Gaga for!

From the Sleeping Beauty Bites of salmon pâté to Snow White’s Apple Tart, there is a recipe for every taste and diet. Beautifully designed and thoughtfully compiled, *Fairytale Food*is perfect for parents, first-time cooks and longtime lovers of magic and romance.  Keep reading for some recipes that will help you and your kids get cooking! read more »

Four Tips Every Parent Can Rely On When Disciplining Their Kids

One of the hardest parts of being a parent- at least for me- and renders me feeling helpless and out-of-control is when my kids misbehave.  I always figured if i DIDN’T SHAKE MY FINGER at my kids, and treated them like rational little people that they’d always behave. Of course kids don’t always behave because they are kids.  In fact kids will do the craziest things- and you’ll look at them and think- what possessed you to DO THAT?

Four Tips Every Parent Can Rely On While Discplining Their Kids

Case in point one night my son decided he wanted to see what would happen if he wedged his finger into the tiny crevice in the shower drain –which warranted a trip to the ER that night. Trying to make sense of kids behaving badly, or kids simply acting out- is like attempting to try and understand why a baby cries. It could be a million reasons or for no reason at all. But as a parent- bad behavior can send you into a tailspin. And then there’s the whole issue of how to deal with your own frustration- when trying to deal with your child– and it can all be enough to send you reaching for the nearest pint of Ben and Jerry’s or worse screaming like a BANSHEE while your kids looks at you in horror and at that moment realizes that you are not a parent in control. And if there is anything kids needs and crave most it is a PARENT WHO SETS DOWN RULES in a calm and level headed fashion.

Keep reading for  four tips every parent can rely on when disciplining their kids. read more »