5 baby gear must haves when traveling with a tot in tow and a Joovy Room Playard $269.99 GIVEAWAY!

Congrats to our winner Gena!!

When my daughter was a 12 month old- I distinctly remember getting into an all-out war of  words with my husband- when upon reaching our destination (after a three hour car ride that involved endless spit-ups and a baby who would NOT stop crying) all the baby gear he’d promised he’d reserved for our hotel room wasn’t there. In other words- he’d forgotten to reserve all the accessories we’d need to make vacation with a  baby( which is hardly a vacation) more palatable.

5 baby gear must haves when traveling with a tot & a Joovy Room Playard $269.99 GIVEAWAY!

Fast forward 12 years and I am utterly amazed at all the cute and nifty items- a baby toting mama can pack up and bring with her, so that she NEVER ever has to rely on her husband or the kindness of strangers or for that mater shell out big bucks at a beach front resort whose inflated prices for a  crib  which would give any person a small heart attack.

So here dear mamas are a few of my favorite must haves if you find yourself BRAVELY traveling with your tot in tow.

#1 The Joovy Room has elevated the playard to a new level. This premier, full-feature nursery center is a bassinet, changing station and playard, all in one. The Joovy Room has exceptional good looks while offering supreme functionality. Parents love its convenience and multi-purpose usability.

The Room has Joovy’s contemporary styling and gives a fresh look to the playard category. This appealing design along with Joovy’s second to none quality is what sets the Room apart from other playards. Joovy takes pride in using the highest-grade fabrics on the market today. Our 600D nylon fabric is super strong, durable and stain resistant. We urge you to compare our fabrics to other playards on the market because there is no comparison!
Room Playard
The full-size bassinet on the Room holds an infant up to 15 pounds. They’ve included a 100% cotton sheet that works in the bassinet or playard floor (additional sheets are sold separately). I’m sure you’ll find this sheet the softest, heavy-duty playard sheet available for your child’s comfort and wellbeing.
The removable changing table supports a baby up to 25 pounds. A notable feature is the Room’s changing table, it has a vinyl top (not fabric) so it’s super easy to wipe down. It also includes four storage pockets to hold your essentials.
The parent organizer is the biggest available on a playard. The Joovy Room has 9 storage compartments (including a hard plastic top for wipes); it holds up to 9 lbs. of nursery items.
The Joovy Room has two wheels making it easy to move around your home. The built-in MP3 (iPod) jack with speaker allows you to play your personal playlist or the integrated music with sleep mode. Your child will enjoy playing or sleeping to his favorite nursery tunes.
5 baby gear must haves when traveling with a tot & a Joovy Room Playard $269.99 GIVEAWAY!
THE BEST PART: The Room is also equipped with a built-in nightlight positioned to work inside the bassinet or playard.The Room includes a zippered travel bag for when you are on the go. http://www.joovy.com/p-136-black-room-playard.aspx

#2 The Friendly Pacifier from First Friends is the newest “must-have” in pacifiers, which combines a soothing pacifier with a plush toy to maximize security and comfort for baby.  With its problem solving 2-in-1 design, Friendly Pacifier eliminates the need for multiple pacifiers by offering a simple solution—a pacifier that attaches to a plush friend –preventing the pacifier from being misplaced or lost.  The Friendly Pacifier comes in a wide range of colors and characters including a monkey, lamb, pig, horse, bunny, bear, and puppy.  Available at Babies‘R’Us. Recommended for ages 0-6 months. MSRP $12.99.  http://myfirstfriend.com/

#3 The Tidy Table Tray + Flexi Diner by bambinos Make meal time easier when you’re on-the-go withThe Tidy Table Tray + Flexi Diner by bambinos, the first of its kind new portable table tray. Offering a large eating space and rounded rims to keep spills off the table, it’s easy to use and attaches to most tables via a rubber coated clip, keeping it securely locked in place.  It is also BPA free, phthalate free and dishwasher safe. The Tidy Table Tray + Flexi-Diner features an easy on/off insert which can easily turn meal time into play time at anytime! MSRP $39.99 at www.bambinoschild.com. Available at TARGET stores.

#4 The Wipebox by Uber Mom: The new Wipebox by UberMom is a super-convenient and inexpensive travel-size wipe container — equal parts stylish and durable.  Featuring a bright and colorful European-inspired design with whimsical bold graphics, this reusable container is the perfect “accessory” to compliment your diaper bag. For the eco-minded parent, The Wipebox is helping to make a “greener” environment by eliminating the need for disposable packages and containers. For boys or girls, Spring 2013 designs include: Green Football, Pink Crown, Aqua Bow, Orange Owl, and Blue Turtle. MSRP $6.99. NOW available at Burlington Coat Factory for the first time ever! http://www.ubermom.co

#5 Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover: Need to nurse on the go- but don’t want everyone ogling your baby suckling? Well this veritable hooter-hider is a pretty stylish and discreet way to nurse, wherever and whenever and is actually a pretty cute fashion accessory to boot!

And one lucky reader will win a Joovy Room Playard $269.99!!  to win leave a comment with your number one must have  item when traveling with a tot in tow. For a  second entry you can follow Melissa Chapman on Pinterest For a third entry you can Like The Staten Island Family on facebook for a fourth entry you can follow MelissaSChapmanwriter on Instagram and for a fifth entry you can Follow @MelissasChapman on Twitter. Good luck! Giveaway ends October 31st

  1. Jenn H says:

    a carrier (baby wearing is a life saver) and a good familiar object like a favorite toy or lovey! we travel a lot… a pack n play is a must as well as well as car snacks!

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  4. With my two little ones it varies, the number one thing we need for Zane is his blanket and for Brody it is his teddy bear and other night time snuggles.

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  9. Kimberlie says:

    My #1 must have travel item is my Beco Butterfly baby carrier. Running through airports is so much easier with the baby attached to you! Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Kimberlie says:

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  14. Nancy says:

    My #1 item to have when traveling with a tot: more diapers (and wipes) than you think you could possibly use!

  15. Nancy says:

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  17. Kelsi says:

    My must have item is lots of extra diapers.

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  20. Amy Tolley says:

    wipes is a must have and snacks are another ty

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  24. Olivia Rubin says:

    Definitely a baby carrier with back support. We have a lillebaby carrier

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  29. Amy Turnbull says:

    Following on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. :) The number one thing is his carseat, besides diapers, extra clothes, and bottles.

  30. Kimberly says:

    My #1 must have is my little girl’s pacifier. She will not stop crying without it.

  31. Lynette says:

    To travel, my necessity is patience! … and a portable dvd player. It’s our last resort after toys, books, and scenery gives out.

  32. Lynette says:

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  36. Natalie S says:

    I definitely agree with you and our #1 item when traveling is a pack and play as well. Also a stroller – a must have when getting around with baby! nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

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  41. Tannis W says:

    I would say a baby carrier (sling, wrap, etc) and a muslin swaddle blanket.

  42. Tannis W says:

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  46. Kinphilly says:

    Never leave home without wipes!

  47. Kinphilly says:

    Follow on twitter!

  48. Tina M says:

    lots of books for my son!! he loves reading book

  49. Tina M says:

    follow Melissa Chapman on Pinterest

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    Like The Staten Island Family on facebook

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  52. Brandi Jones says:

    We must have the noise machine. The ocean sounds mask any noises coming from outside or inside with big brother playing :) The baby sleeps so much better with it.

  53. Brandi Jones says:

    Like on Facebook. Brandi Register Jones

  54. Kara brown says:

    Our number one must take item is a play yard. We are stationed far from our family so we travel home for longer stays a couple times a year and the little ones need their own safe “bed.” Ours is lacking all these features, but we were just looking into adding a new one for the new baby :)

  55. Cathy Alger says:

    Plenty of wipes

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  59. Gena says:

    We could NEVER live without our baby wipes!

  60. Tara Flaherty says:

    For baby #5 must have is a durable play yard!

  61. Darlene Sullins says:

    My have with me… extra set of cloths and tons of diapers!!!

  62. Darlene Sullins says:

    I like The Staten Island Family on facebook!! :D

  63. Darlene Sullins says:

    I am @MelissasChapman on Twitter!

  64. Christina says:

    I always had a stroller. Never know what will come up that you may need it

  65. Jennifer says:

    A stroller and a pack n play are my must needs for traveling!!

  66. Jennifer says:

    I like you on Facebook!!

    Jennifer Smith Prince

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  70. christy g says:

    My number one item is a good baby carrier!

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  75. Aura says:

    baby wipes, we use them for everything baby or not

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  79. Jayna E says:

    I always have to have a good stroller! Now I’m going to need a double with a new baby coming and a 3 year old!

  80. Gena says:

    I follow you on pinterest, Am a Facebook Fan and follow you on twitter! You are a TRIPLE THREAT!

  81. Jayna E says:

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  82. annmarie says:

    due December 26th…would love thischristmas present!!

  83. Sonya Morris says:

    I have to go with the car seat even though my kids dislike riding in it…that is where the snacks come in handy for traveling!

  84. Samantha G says:

    Must have a baby carrier.

  85. Samantha G says:

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  87. maria says:

    My number one must have item (besides a carseat/pumpkin seat that we’re required to have in the car anyway) is a stroller to set the carseat (so, a stroller/carseat system).

  88. Heather L. Davidson says:

    Monday was my first day out alone with my 3 week old daughter..c-section. I realized appointments may run longer than scheduled and she will get hungry, so I always pack formula in a bottle and nursery water separately. Hoping to be able to produce more milk though.

  89. Heather L. Davidson says:

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