6 tips to get a Family Book Club Started and a MEGA seven Novel Learning Series giveaway from Nicholas Sparks!

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Summertime is the PERFECT time to help your kids sharpen their reading comprehension skills by offering them books that will appeal to their senses and if ANY AUTHOR can capture their attention ( and keep it) it is Nicholas Sparks! And lucky for us parents ( who are DYING to get  a BOOK into our kids’ hands this summer) in partnership with Grand Central Publishing as part of their Novel Learning Series—Sparks’ is overseeing editions of his own books and select classics that teens can use to prepare for college exams, or simply gain a greater understanding of a good book this summer. 

6 tips to get a Family Book Club Started & A MEGA seven Novel giveaway  www.thestatenislandfamily.com

According to Jamie Raab, President and Publisher, Grand Central Publishing, studies show that students who read for enjoyment become more proficient readers, and that motivated readers tend to read more, leading to improved vocabulary and comprehension skills. If we are able to excite more young people about reading, while also introducing them to popular and enduring works such as Frankenstein and The Notebook, that is a winning combination.

Available at WALMART The Novel Learning Series provides students and teachers with seven compelling, dramatic novels packed with additional resources that help with critical thinking and comprehension skills development!

THE NOVEL LEARNING SERIES features these seven books:


A WALK TO REMEMBER: 978-1-4555-0856-3; $14.99, PB;


THE NOTEBOOK: 978-1-4555-1559-2; $14.99, PB



THREE WEEKS WITH MY BROTHER: 978-1-4555-1561-5; $14.99, PB


THE LAST SONG: 978-1-4555-1560-8; $14.99, PB


DEAR JOHN: 978-1-4555-2944-5; $14.99, PB



A BEND IN THE ROAD: 978-1455529421; $14.99, PB



FRANKENSTEIN: 978-1455529438; $14.99, PB


But the best part? The Student guides in the Novel learning Series feature the full book’s text interspersed with learning guides. The NLS also addresses the needs of teachers: each title in the series is aligned with the ELA Common Core State Standards and fulfills protocol requirements used by almost every state. As parents this is a wonderful way for your kid to gauge his level of understanding — and if the two of you choose to READ THIS BOOK as part of your Family book club) it offers great conversation starters!

Some Special features included in the books:

·Questions and explanations about the text after every few chapters to check comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and usage, style and characterization and literary terms

·  Standard test questions format style throughout to help students prepare for standardized tests with SAT- and ACT-style questions using vocabulary and grammar from the books

·  Step-by-step sample writing prompts and essays and evaluation rubrics to guide students through the elements of an above-average, average and below-average essay – and explain why

·  English Language Arts (ELA) Common Core State Standards alignment

 So once you decide to pick up at least one of these books it might be a good idea to start a Family book club! Family book clubs can help your kids to become better readers, and they are a great time to bond with your kids. You can expand the definition of “family” to include grandparents, aunts, neighbors, and other loved ones. 

Some good tips to get started:

1.       Choosing the book: Let the kids pick the books, since they will be more likely to read something they had a hand in choosing.

2.       Manage the size: Keep the group to 4 or 5 sets of kids and parents to make sure everyone has a chance to talk.

3.       Read the book: Give all age groups enough time to read the book before the meeting takes place.

4.       Get comfortable: Make sure the setting for the meeting is like a party, not a school lesson. Keep it casual and cozy.

5.       Get creative: try to connect the meeting to the story through the location (a shady park for Alice in Wonderland), the snacks served (fruit for The Very Hungry Caterpillar), or even wearing a certain color (Harold and the Purple Crayon—no explanation needed!).

6.       Let kids lead: The children—not the grown ups—should lead the discussion about the book.

And guess what? WE are giving ALL SEVEN books in the Novel learning Series away to ONE LUCKY READER!!

WIN ALL SEVEN of these books!

THE NOVEL LEARNING SERIES features these seven books:

A WALK TO REMEMBER: 978-1-4555-0856-3; $14.99, PB;

THE NOTEBOOK: 978-1-4555-1559-2; $14.99, PB

THREE WEEKS WITH MY BROTHER: 978-1-4555-1561-5; $14.99, PB

 THE LAST SONG: 978-1-4555-1560-8; $14.99, PB

 DEAR JOHN: 978-1-4555-2944-5; $14.99, PB

 A BEND IN THE ROAD: 978-1455529421; $14.99, PB

 FRANKENSTEIN: 978-1455529438; $14.99, PB

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