Hug your Kids a Little Longer Today


We are right in it- THE THICK of the holiday season;  that time of a year that you’re “required” to give your significant others carsd expressing your undying devotion, deep seated love…blah, blah, blah. Before you say that I’m putting a sour spin on this holiday that love should be in bloom- it’s not that, rather I think that EVERYDAY should be a  Holiday celebration.

Hug your Kids a Little Longer Today

I think that my husband shouldn’t wait once a year to write me a love note or buy me a bauble… although this year’s Chanukah present was definitely indicative that the sheen on our romance is getting a bit dulled and cloudy– he bought me a Land’s End fisherman-looking jacket ( I “gave it” to my brother) and two Carmela Soprano inspired sweat-suits– which I have to admit- are kind cute- and I’m definitely going to wear them–  but the flowers, chocolates- hmm those were no where in sight- which is fine- because do I REALLY need to eat more chocolate?! And the flowers- they’ll last three days and then begin their rapid descent and wilt away…but hey those sweat suits- they’ll be a lasting reminder of my husband’s love of …cotton?!

And with so many tragedies that seem to be closing in on us – it just makes you think twice about expressing and living each day as if it were the holiday;  kissing and hugging your spouse and kids with abandon- and making sure you take every possible opportunity to live every precious and fleeting moment you have on the planet- because in an instant it could be your very last… It’s a really sobering thought- but perhaps a lesson to all of us to get in those hugs we claim we have no time for because life, laundry, dishes, bills, work, dinner, grocery shopping, time-outs and arguing with your spouse over why he can’t simply put his dirty clothes IN the hamper as opposed to just stepping out of them and leaving them in a crumpled pile is occupying and crowding our every waking minute…

Well today is a new beginning for me. I’m going to sweat the dirty clothes on the floor a lot less and try and focus on the good stuff…Happy Holidays..hope it’s full of lots of xoxo’s!

  1. Nilsa says:

    I know exactly what you mean about the clothes in the hamper. My husband leaves his wet work out clothes on the floor next to the hamper and says he’s waiting for them to dry. Barf! Let me add that he needs every door in the house opened. The bathroom, closet, bedroom and basement doors are wide open leaving me feeling like that scary kitchen scene from the 6th sense. That creeps me out. So I spend the entire day shutting the doors while he shouts “Did you just slam the door” followed by “Are you mad at me?” I’ve learned this kind of keeps us alive :)

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