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  1. I am not on the Weight Watchers program but totally love this tasty breakfast idea! It has enough protein to keep me going through my morning workout.

  2. Love the fact that these are WW and also, for the sheer fact that it’s a frittata. I have never once attempted to make a frittata but it’s about time that I do.

  3. Sounds like a lovely recipe to try! I can imagine how busy it gets during the week and it’s nice to have a weekend where you can just sit down and enjoy a meal with the family. This frittata sounds awesome!

  4. This looks wonderful, can’t wait to make it! One question, you indicate broccoli slaw as ingredient but I only see broccoli florets in photo – which is it or can you use either? Thanks for 0 point recipe – I’m tired of scrambled egg sandwich!

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