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Crockpot Creamy Cheesy Tortellini (but make it VEGAN)

I made the sauce with veggie stock, cream cheese, canned tomatoes, and seasonings to start. I let that sit for 2 hours (whisked) and then added the frozen tortellini, spinach, cooked sausage, and shredded cheese. Then let it cook for another 2 hours. She cannot stand smushy pasta and she knew if she put it in all together, the tortellini would become mush. Notes: She used 2 cups veggie stock roughly. I’m thinking a cheaper (but less rich) version of the cream sauce would be cashews, veggie stock and tomato paste in a blender. I make that version of cream rosa pretty often for penne pasta but it would be so delicious with these tortellini and other fixings! For cream cheese she used: Tofutti (no milk) cream cheese For shredded cheese she used: Violife Mexican style shreds (vegan) For sausage she used: Impossible sausage made from plants (savory) For tortellini she used: Kitehill ricotta made with Almond milk